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“Winner of an internal sales and marketing award, That Media Thing’s content, and ability to help Intel tell a story, has helped us exceed our targets in record time. This campaign is seen as a ‘Best Known Method’ by digital and global teams.
Since engaging That Media Thing’s services, we have seen significant increases in target audience engagement, including average time on site and social actions.
This uniquely qualified agency not only understands Intel and its products intimately, but it also delivers journalistic integrity, skilfully combining modern marketing tools to the benefit of Intel’s strategic approach for audience engagement and storytelling.”
Steve Greatley UK B2B Marketing Manager, Intel


Powerful storytelling demands attention 

Across both its consumer and business services groups, our skills at storytelling helped Intel engage effectively with the most discerning of audiences.

To help raise awareness of Intel’s big data analytics and hybrid cloud products, we told the amazing video stories of companies delivering real-world solutions. On camera spokespeople from the likes of the RSPB, Hermes, Hiscox and many more were presented as credible ambassadors for the incredible enabling technologies at the heart of each story.

The entertaining and engaging fashion in which these stories were told, resonated well with business decision makers across diverse sectors. These included sport, agriculture, medical, environmental, city planning and many more, where the common theme was that their businesses could not thrive without the enabling technologies driving them forward.

Our consumer-focused project took on the formidable challenge of tackling why a PC gamer should consider an Intel processor as an essential part of their system purchase. To do this, we created a series of video stories that connected with the PC gaming community, both credibly and with sometimes nerdy authority.

We pushed Intel’s passion for gamers while also underscoring its heritage and excellence in games product engineering. Above all, we needed to entertain if we had any chance of engaging the hearts and minds of the community and of positioning Intel as the best solution for gamers.


Love the way that Intel is clearly integrated into the story…. GREAT storytelling and insights… love it!
— Steve Greatley - UK B2B Marketing Manager, Intel