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Content marketing, article creation, PDF resource creation, social media management

"That Media Thing helped translate the features and benefits of our platform into compelling arguments that would make film studios, production houses and ad agencies sit up and listen. We needed exceptional copywriting coupled with technical know-how to ensure our expertise and authority came across and we engaged with our target audience in response to their needs. That Media Thing didn’t disappoint!
TMT's social media management reached into the hearts and minds of our target audience, with clear visibility on what they responded to best. The end point for this campaign was to funnel the most engaged audience to a gated asset which gave us richly qualified leads.
I'd have no hesitation in recommending TMT. They were great to work with, at times challenging our own assumptions as well as presenting qualified arguments for trying new and innovative approaches that delivered results."
Helen Aboagye Chief Marketing Officer, Imagen


Targeting film studios and ad agencies

Imagen wanted its video management and distribution platform to be considered as an essential tool for film production companies. We focused our campaign on preventing losses in revenue, aligning core product features with emotionally charged issues such as tackling piracy. Coupled with arguments for distributing assets with guaranteed end-to-end quality and speed of use, we ensured that we tapped into the most pertinent needs of the time-starved decision-makers within the target organisations.

We authored an expert-voice white paper, with detailed facts and figures backing up the arguments made for investing wisely in the right product. This then formed the customer destination for a full content marketing program made up of a series of articles promoted through social media.

That Media Thing’s ideas as well as the highly-informed and professional quality of their writing was outstanding. And the speed at which they turned things around for us was equally impressive.
— Helen Aboagye - Chief Marketing Officer, Imagen