URL Payments Pulse

Article creation, social media management, illustration/design, content marketing

“Of particular note was their ability to deliver clear-cut communications about the tangible business solutions our products could deliver.
That Media Thing's desire to understand us and our ways of working, coupled with a passion for communicating clear success KPIs up the chain of command, led us to consider them as a true extension of our internal marketing team.”
Sam Nickerson PR & Content Director, Currencycloud


Delivering digital economy insights

That Media Thing was engaged to raise awareness of how companies can send and receive payments more easily in today’s digital economy. This was delivered as an inbound content and social media marketing program that connected with a high value, proactive audience of potential Currencycloud customers.

A series of highly-informed articles, infographics and email gated downloadable PDF resources, all professionally crafted by domain expert journalists, were published on Currencycloud’s site. For each, a series of social media posts were created, based on identified target audience benefits.

After just the first 3-months of activity, we had delivered a significant volume of highly-engaged potential customers to the Currencycloud site. We were also able to identify key subject themes and terminology that resonated well with the target audience, helping us to identify primary needs and wants that could be serviced by Currencycloud’s product features.

Their skilful approach delivered strategic content designed to drive the audience deeper into a credible dialogue with us
— Sam Nickerson - PR & Content Director, Currencycloud