Timing is everything when it comes to posting on social media

Timing is everything when it comes to posting on social media

By Henry Tucker

So inspiration has struck and you have written a killer blog, taken a stunning photo, created an amazing infographic or have come up with a really witty tweet. You want to share it with the world, but wait don’t hit send just yet. It’s all very well releasing it out into the world, but will anyone see it? It's all about social media timing.

We all have so much information thrown at us these days that it is hard to spot the wheat that interests us from the chaff that doesn’t.

With this in mind SproutSocial, the software firm that makes social media management tools conducted a survey to see when the best time is to post on all of our favourite social networks, send emails and post that epic blog you wrote!

The results make for very interesting reading as you would imagine and throw up some surprises too.


When it comes to posting to Facebook, Wednesdays either side of lunch are the best for engagement! That's something I doubt anyone would have guessed.

Thursday lunchtime is particularly good too. In fact the majority of the week is good for Facebook, just don't expect much response on Friday afternoons though - that's less of a surprise.

With Twitter it's quite different. Friday mornings are the best time it seems and for reasons we just can't fathom, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are popular too.

LinkedIn always likes to be different, sometimes known as the grown-up Facebook, LinkedIn engagement is low for large periods of the week, apart from Wednesdays again! What is it about the middle of the working week that makes people jump on social media?

In fact it's insights such as these that can help you spot trends and even desires within your audience. Is there something that is happening on a weekly basis that drives actions such as these?

It could be something completely unrelated such as sporting event or some cultural event or even a regular TV show. Whatever it is, if it drives engagement it’s worth investigating.

What this does all mean is that you need to think before you fire off your social media. Try different times for different types of content. Notice the times and the engagement and play with them to see what works best and then mix it up a bit.

All images courtesy of SproutSocial