Engage your customers with the best content on the right channels

Engage your customers with the best content on the right channels

By Ian Robson

Tackling apathy amongst customers should be the number one priority that brands take stock of. The reason for this is once that apathy is overcome, you have extended your sales team by one powerful new endorser that speaks to your other potential customers in their native tongue.

I believe that anyone can be thoroughly engaged by great content, as long as it presses their specific buttons, at the right time and via the right channels. So why, then, does some content dwell on bottom feeding the lowest common denominator with click-bait, salaciousness or spoilers within the titles leaving no audience desire to read anything more than a paragraph. The answer is an inherent desire to deliver that reader to the site’s CTA as soon as possible, whether that be to click through to purchasing a mobile phone from a review, or to buy a ticket to an event.

Well yes, that’s fine, you might say. But what if you delivered against those CTAs multiple times by the same user, or even multiple times by that user’s peer group? Surely that’s a good thing, right?

It is the power to connect well that leaves a strong brand impression

It goes without saying that at the heart of great content marketing is a desire to create great audience engagement, as it is the power to connect well that leaves a strong brand impression.

It is on this note that I cannot stake claim to the following mantra – I have read it in multiple places, so it is difficult to credit, but I could not say it better myself…

Create an impression - not just impressions!


To do this well your content must deliver an opinion - and be willing to have some people disagree, even as others engender an affinity towards you.

You must also be a brand that stands for something with what your content has to say. Honest principals resonate with people, so don't always be seen to obsess over the bottom line.

Share valuable insight and experiences that only your brand could have garnered through its people, defined as both those employed and the customers.

And above all, only attempt to matter to the people that matter most. The audience that you can identify as most influential for your brand are the only ones you should write to, with personalised and informed content in their language, on their terms and in their domains.

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