Incremental revenue depends on a quality content strategy

Incremental revenue depends on a quality content strategy

By Ian Robson

For content strategies looking to deliver audience volumes against display advertising models, your days are numbered unless you rapidly expand into other incremental revenue streams.

Multiple online revenue streams are nothing new, but some are still finding their feet, some are just too expensive to invest in, and some are already suffering from market saturation – so how do you navigate your way to a commercially successful site these days?

Make no bones about it but vertical segmentation and semantic audience targeting is a necessity if you are to provide meaning and worth to your audience.

It’s been said already, but “People don’t want to block adverts per se – they want to block irrelevant interruptions that have no value”.

So before you join an affiliate network, or start a newsletter email list to monetize, or accept sponsored posts and articles determine what value you can add by adopting these incremental revenue opportunities.

Hang on there a mo, when I said “determine what value you can add…”, you didn’t think I meant value to you did you? Well that would be your first mistake!

Selfless service wins hearts

Adding a newsletter service, accepting sponsored posts or even joining an affiliate network should all be considered within the same content strategy quality standards.

This is where vertical segmentation with a highly informed audience understanding can reap massive dividends, providing you with the values you need to inform you how best to deploy your chosen incremental revenue tactics.

Provided with relevance and packed with value will inherently lead to greater trust and higher conversions for your brand and/or the brand that you are partnering with.

That Media Thing very quickly realised that its collective of domain expert journalists was ripe for creating vertical segmentations with authority and passion.

The first of these was launched as IT Security Thing, where we aim to build an engaged community of security professionals through the provision of essential content and services.

If we can, we will eschew all display advertising in favour of far higher value revenue streams that fit seamlessly within the walls of our sacred content areas.

And the more we focus on how valuable commercial activities are for our audience, the more valuable these activities will become for us.

Provided with relevance and packed with value will inherently lead to greater trust and higher conversions

Having very quickly built up a reputation for having our finger on the pulse of what matters most to the IT security professionals community, we can now help third parties speak with this community with relevance, in their language and on their terms.

Most security companies actually have a lot of worthy things to say and stand for, but they don’t necessarily know how to reach out in the right way.

We’re not blindly focussing on lead generation for businesses, we’re looking to create meaningful relationships between businesses and the audience for IT Security Thing that will leave our integrity and reputation intact or even enhanced by having helped an audience member find the right business for them to become a customer of.

With a great content strategy dwelling on what’s the best possible way to serve your audience needs, you can be confident that both commercially supported content and audience growth designed content can sit side by side.

And what’s more, they may very well both deliver solid, sustained and measurable results time and time again.

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