Expert advice on how to get more from Twitter

Expert advice on how to get more from Twitter

By Henry Tucker

Twitter has 335 million monthly active users, 500 million tweets are sent every day and 80% of active Twitter users are on mobile. These are big numbers and something to bear in mind when you use Twitter yourself. These top Twitter tips will mean that your 280 characters have more chance of being read and your links being clicked on.

Here are five top tips to get more from Twitter.

  1. Think about what you want people to do with your tweet. Is it just about clicking a link or do you want people to talk to you? Think about how you socialise in person, how you do this online should be no different!

  2. Mix up your tweets, don't always tweet links. Try sharing thoughts, statistics, photos or retweet something from another source. People like people, show your personality, show you have interests, opinions and care about what other people are saying! Be sociable!

  3. Stick to one point in your tweet, avoid adding multiple links. Once someone has clicked off to a website from your tweet, it's unlikely they will come back to click another. If you want to share more than one link, send the second one in a follow up tweet. Similarly don't ask more than one question if you're trying to get people to engage with you!

  4. Don't overuse the hashtag. Research your hashtags first too to ensure they're not used in reference to something you don't want your tweet related to! You can also check to see what’s trending in your country.

  5. Proofread before and after posting. It's so easy to make a mistake, but remember even if you've posted with an error, you can always delete and re-post the tweet! But be careful what you say, you may delete your tweet but someone else might have retweeted it already. Once you hit send, it’s out there!

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