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Content marketing, web design, illustration/design, article creation, social media management, video/photography creation

"The content marketing strategy combined with skilled social media management enabled ASUS to engage with a highly-targeted audience in a positive way, generating awareness of ASUS business products and increasing our brand perception in a way we could not have achieved through traditional marketing solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending this uniquely qualified and creative agency."
Alan Spohr Marketing Manager, ASUS


Building a business audience

Most marketing campaigns are solely driven by product messaging, whereas we focus on building audience engagement by enabling brands to say something insightful within their sector. So when ASUS asked us to help improve its industry profile and lead generation for its range of business products, we launched the ASUS Business Hub.

Regularly published content was designed to inform and inspire business decision makers, showing innovative ways that technology products could positively impact their businesses. And via a highly-targeted social media campaign, we created high-engagement with a business technology buying community, driving a significant amount of quality audience to the site.

This honest connection with an audience, built upon conveying genuinely useful and expert knowledge, led to a significant proportion turning their attention towards the products and services on offer. We facilitated the desire to know more about what ASUS had to offer with newsletter sign-ups, email gated PDF downloads and article embedded CTAs.

I would have no hesitation in recommending That Media Thing to any company wishing to build a credible, authentic and sustainable relationship with their target customers
— John Swatton - Marketing Director, ASUS